The Secret Diary of a teenage dream

Saturday, August 21, 2004


Dear Diary,
Isn't MSN the greatest? It's like you're in a room with your friends just talking to them, but you're not, you're sitting in a room or under the stairs on your computer, just typing in what you're going to say. I'm on at MSN at the moment talking to two people. I'm not going to tell you there names because then it wouldn't be a secret diary, would it? So I am just having a nice conversation with one of them, when suddenly she just starts saying how i'm lazy because i'm not going on a bike ride with her. Like come on, it's not like we're attached at the hip is it? I'm allowed to have my free time. Most of my free time is spent up on MSN, TV and Books. Very educational selection isn't it. I'm kind of missing school, i'm missing seeing all of my friends, even though I talk to most of them on MSN, but it's not just that, it's the fact that i'm really really bored. I think if I don't have some excitment in my life, then I am just gonna die. Well, hopefully I don't have that long until the end of the summer holidays.